FabLab ModelMaker Tutorials

NOTE: Some of the video and print (.pdf) tutorials on this page refer to a software program called Tabs MST. FabLab ModelMaker was previously called Tabs MST. All of the actions and procedures remain the same despite this naming inconsistency. The shortlink for this page is http://tinyurl.com/fabmodel.

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FabLab ModelMaker Video Tutorials

Tools & Palettes

Learn the basic areas in FabLab ModelMaker as well as important tools that are used while designing.

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Creating Shapes

This is a basic overview that shows how to create 3D shapes and corresponding shape nets.

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Resizing Shapes

There are a couple of different ways to resize a 3D shape and its corresponding shape net.

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Creating Unique Shapes

Explore some of the many different shapes that can be created.

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Color & Stylize Shapes

See how easy it is to add different colors and unique textures to shapes. You can also add images and photographs!

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Delete Shapes

This video shows a couple of different ways to delete a shape and its corresponding shape net.

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Grouping Shapes

Grouping shapes together makes it easy to proportionally resize objects.

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Moving Shapes

Learn two different ways to move shapes in the 3D view area.

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Cloning & Duplicating Shapes

Cloning and duplicating shapes creates an exact copy of the selected object(s).

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Making a Hole in a Shape

Learn how to make a hole in a 3D shape.

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Shape Net Permutations

You can create a number of different shape net permutations for objects like cuboids.

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Separate Shape Nets

Certain shape nets, like the cuboid, can be separated into smaller parts.  Knowing how to separate a shape net is useful when creating larger shapes that don't conform to print restrictions.

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Print & Fabricate

Learn how to print and fabricate a design using 2D die-cut machines like the Silhouette SD.

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PDF Tutorials

The following .pdf tutorials cover most of the content that appears in the videos above. These tutorials are ideal for printing and following along while working through different aspects of FabLab ModelMaker.