FabMaker Studio is the first digital design and fabrication software tool developed specifically for use in the classroom. It is an easy-to-use, web-based program that invites students to experience STEM and STEAM learning in an engaging, personally meaningful way. FabMaker Studio was developed in conjunction with the MakeToLearn initiative led by Glen Bull at the University of Virginia. FabMaker Studio is used by students to design and create 2D stuff, pop-ups, 3D projects, working machines including the Make To Learn projects.

Introduction to FabMaker Studio
How to use Shapes, the basic building blocks for most projects.
Learn how to create pop-ups that help student explore angles, triangles, symmetry and more.
Discover how to use straight lines, curved lines and the brush tool.
The Cut Fold Tab tool makes it easy to design, fabricate, fold and construct 3D buildings and machines
Basic Math Tools provides an introduction to the grid, manipulative ruler, and manipulative compass.